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Theater and Song


Dr. Moody is the published author of an extraordinary book on Leadership entitled 720 Leadership Decision-Making Model. This feedback model is one that goes beyond the 360 assessment, as it provides a 720 perspective of the various factors that influence one’s leadership effectiveness within an organization. Dr. Moody is an engaging storyteller and presenter, able to communicate vital business and Kingdom principles to any audience. He has inspired, equipped and trained individuals at different organizational levels to become effective leaders. Through his insight and methodologies, Dr. Moody has a proven track record of guiding leaders in finding solutions to complex business challenges. His book it a testament to his ability to guide leaders through the treacherous waters encountered while trying to navigate businesses to success.


F.O.R.E.Play “Fighting Our Roaming Enemies”, is a play written by Dr. Moody whereby he exposed the demonic influences behind every day occurrences. F.O.R.E.Play began as a simple Super Bowl play that has evolved into a full-blown play, complete with well-known cast of returning characters who have won the hearts of many returning patrons. This play looks at highly relevant issues and concerns of today and exposes crowds to the realities of an unseen world; a world where demonic forces feed the thoughts and actions of unsuspecting individuals. This play will make you laugh. This play will make you cry. And this play will enlighten you.  


In addition to being gifted with the talent to teach, instruct and lead, Dr. Moody has a very keen ear for music.  His love for music led him to pen several songs which are outlined below:


  • Victory

  • To You

  • It’s On

  • Priceless

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