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Leadership Seminars

Annual Leadership development conference focused upon leadership training, networking and empowerment. This annual workshop focuses on increasing the awareness of and learning to embody the traits of leadership in the context of the community, business world and the church. We bring world renowned leadership innovators into an intimate setting to empower leadership practitioners to take scholarly principles and employ the corresponding skillsets within their specific contexts. This seminar is a must for those who want to impact their surroundings. We have trained CEO’s, entrepreneurs, global business directors, finance professionals, local business leaders, insurance managers, security managers, police officers, transportation managers, clergy as well as community leaders during this powerful conference.

Lead Out

720 Snapshot for Leaders

A scholarly based leadership development program designed to train leaders to develop authenticity, while building powerful organizations by understanding and capitalizing upon the interdependent relationship between followers and leaders. These leaders will learn to possess value clarity, contextual competency, cultural competency and relational capacity. They will also develop leadership methodologies that are applicable and transferrable in both secular and Christian business worlds.

F.I.R.S.T. to the Future

Designed to train leaders on specific futuring skills and futuring tools including future wheels, scanning, scenario planning. This workshop teaches leaders how to analyze current and emerging trends within an environment and position the organization for strategic advantage. Leaders are equipped with anticipatory management.

Leadership Authenticity

Designed to teach the attributes of authentic leadership and empower leaders to develop attributes that engender transformative relationships that engender the discretionary efforts for co-workers.

Leadership Influence

Designed to teach managers the art of influence. This powerful workshop births awareness to the company’s greatest asset, people. It trains participants on methods that yield great returns from workers within the organization on every level. 

Strategic Planning

Trains CEO’s, Boards of Directors and Managers on all elements of strategic planning. This unique system includes skill sets such as development of “Issue Trees’’, the “Phases process”, “engendering company by in” and “Steps to change”.

Organizational Alignment

Trains leaders on the importance of alignment within an organization. Market strategies, organizational assets, policies and leaders have to remain in sync in order to assure organizational efficiency. During this seminar we identify areas of misalignment and provide insight on making adjustments.

Organizational Culture

Trains leaders on the impact of organizational culture within their organizational. This process includes an assessment phase where the specific culture is identified and training with leaders on how to capitalize on the strengths of their own specific culture and leadership styles that flourish within that culture.

Futuring our Faith Workshop

Designed to introduce the concept of Futuring to the Pentecostal leaders and teach the importance of anticipatory leadership within the church.


S.H.O.E.S. is an acronym created by Dr. Moody to provide a paradigm for understanding elements that influence every individual and every interaction. Our SHOES impact our decisions, relationships and interpretations of events. Becoming aware of your S.H.O.E.S. empowers participants to take charge of their lives, redirect their thoughts and make better professional and personal decisions.

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