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Relationship Specialist/Counselor

Relationship Specialist / Counselor

As divorce continues to ravage many marriages, couples are looking for ways to improve their relationships so that their desire to fight through issue rises above the desire to separate. Other couples simply need tools to help them communicate in an effective way. And yet others seek to grow closer to their significant other. Whatever the case may be, couples are seeking qualified individuals to walk them through this difficult time in their lives. Dr. Moody is gifted in helping couples navigate the troubled waters of their relationships. He possesses the knowledge and compassion that draws couples in and allow them to heal their marriages. He provides them with practical tools to aid them in communicating in a healthy way so that their bond may be strengthened. And he challenges them to move beyond their unhealthy practices and move in a direction that benefits the overall relationship. Marriages on the brink of divorce have been turned around. Couples who had given up on love find that they can truly love again. And couples who had resolved within themselves to remain together, yet live in loveless marriages, have found that with God as their focus, they could find their way back to each other. Being successful in helping couples work through their issues requires, not just counseling skills, but an anointing from God that allows the therapist to look beyond the obvious and see the unseen areas of concern.

Additionally, Dr. Moody has helped singles learn to date in healthy ways whereby they are able to hold on to themselves without allowing relationships to take them on unwanted journeys. Singles learn what effective and fulfilling dating relationships look like. They learn the traps and games that are often played out in unhealthy relationships. And they learn to make informative decisions regarding selection of individuals who will either add to their lives or detract from it.

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