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Now more than ever non-profit and for profit organizations must develop the knowledge and skills to lead authentically in diverse and global contexts. Because the global and technological climate is changing so rapidly, leaders must remain relevant in order to compete and avoid extinction. Leaders must learn how to assess their organizational culture and determine how to move the organization in a direction that will provide ultimate success. Dr. Moody empowers leaders to identify what matters most, prioritize key needs and implement plans that will have an immediate impact. With a breadth of experience advising a range of business from start-ups to financial services, to construction companies and more, Dr. Moody’s track record of results enables him to provide relevant strategic guidance for businesses seeking to transform and grow.



To remain relevant, organizations must be able to look over the horizon and see what the future holds. In doing so, leaders can position their organizations for continued success. Futuring is a field of study whereby trained individuals employ a systematic process of thinking about, picturing possible outcomes and planning for the future. “Futurists are people who actively view the present world as a window on possible future outcomes. They watch trends and try to envision what might happen.” Dr. Moody holds a certification in the field of Futuring. He possesses the ability to look at current trends and forecast the possible outcomes. This is an extremely valuable tool for non-profit and for-profit organizations. Knowing possible future outcomes allow organizations to position themselves in a way that will allow them to remain relevant.

Leadership Development


Dr. Moody has a passion for developing leaders. He understands that for organizations to function properly, there must be an authentic interplay between leaders and followers.  There must be an intentional “dance” between the two where each one understands the delicate balance that must exist between leading and following. In order for organizations to remain viable and not become extinct, they must have leadership who knows how to look at what is occurring both within and outside of their entities and then position their company in a way that allows them to become perpetually successful. Dr. Moody’s doctorate in Strategic Leadership has equipped him with the tools necessary to birth success into flailing organizations, and to make successful organizations competitive on a level that propels them to the top. An informal survey was conducted by in which they asked leaders what their biggest challenges were. They mentioned: apathy & internal focus, staff issues, leading and keeping volunteers, time constraints, getting buy-in from members, generational challenges, finances, holding on to traditions, criticism, leadership development, majoring on minors and lack of true friends. Dr. Moody, as the Leader, Pastor and Consultant of a growing multi-ethnic, multi-generational church in a city noted for its hostility toward Christianity, is perfectly positioned to advise organizational leaders on overcoming these challenges.


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